The Idol's Dream

by Scoparia

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released May 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Scoparia Hobart, Australia

Progressive metal band hailing from scenic Tasmania. Check out our latest release - The Idol's Dream

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Track Name: The Idol's Dream
The moon fades in unnatural mist
Heeding the call, the master's word
Blood weeps down man's clenching fist
An oath fulfilled, sane minds demurred

Prepare the unspoiled one
The womb for the only son

Dawn the advent, a new era
Arrival of the ancient seal
The master's divine messenger
Unto which the whole world shall

Fires burn the ritual complete
Servant’s bow at the lord's feet
A twisted deceiver, poisonous breath
The promised fortune, immense pain and

Darkness veils the sky
Frost and snow shroud the earth
Waters still and frozen
Trees weeping dead and grey

Gifted plague left to hinder
Lord’s heart, the endless winter
Dystopia was the promised land
Lust and greed was the downfall of all

Cries of the living
Echo through absence of light
Solitary figures
Wander through a cold wasteland
Society’s ruins
A madness incubator

The idol's dream came true
All colour, all warmth removed
An unforgiving harsh planet
No compassion to be found

Everyone twisted and insane
A wilderness of rage and grief

A wilderness
Forever lost
Forever dead
Track Name: Fog of War
Fearful and alone
I face my final hour
The fate of death embraced
There is no surrender
Like my friends before me
My death won't be in vain
I'll gladly give my life
For my beloved country

Marching into the fog of war
A hopeless struggle for victory
Clothes tattered, torn, covered in gore
The fear of death consumes me
Demoralised by artillery barrages
A reality worse than hell
I want to escape the horrific mirages
And the festering body rot smell

Heroes will be nameless
Men are left faceless
All are forgotten
In the fog of war

Blood showers down across a land
Once known for peace and beauty
No colour remains, just silt, sand
And the corpses of men of duty
A frantic sprint through the fog
A senseless dance with death
My desperate prayers, I want to yield
No man with courage left

Every man goes, made to endure
Return with the wounds, forever suffering
“Death is nothing but to live
Defeated and inglorious is to die daily”

Fearless and alone
I've faced my final hour
Fate of death takes hold
Freeing me forever
Track Name: Pale Path
In haunted dreams I hide
A broken promise untold inside
Abandoned to the deep
From where she’ll never sleep

Solitary I stand
Old dreams now blood on my hands
Shadows move like wisps
Her pale figure shimmers in mist

Piercing whispers in freezing air
She waits for me eternally forlorn

A dark sky remains
I'm alone, grasped by her cold chains
The vows won't be broken
She won’t forgot the words I've spoken

Embraced me beyond transcendence
Ethereal hands are draping over me

She lingers in the shadows
Confronting me
Blank stares leave me paralysed
My soul tears away

Cast into nothing, the warmth is withering
Her desires are fulfilled, to possess my soul for
Track Name: Suppression
Trapped in their self-indulgence
Blinded by their arrogance
Oblivious of the destruction
Lost inside the seduction

It's the pressure of the superiors I will contain
Filling with rage and hatred with their domain
Questioning everything I have ever believed in
It's the shameless lies that have created
The monster within

Transformation of the speculation
Anxious with the fixation
Awakened from redemption
Revenge is my obsession

Broken from the pressure of the superiors I will rise
To do everything that they despised
Revenge is all I can taste
To withstand the bloodshed of my right

It's changed me
Where I was lost
Shown me the path
From what I've always known

I've escaped from self-indulgence
I've seen the enemy from inside
I've fixed the dedication
Which started your demise

Domination you despised
Fear in your eyes
Rage I've created
Revenge I have tasted

I will rise